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[ANN] readline_buffer 0.9.0 released

Well, I am not going to post the usual announcement, because this
gem is only intended for building autoindent plugin for rib (or ripl).

gem install readline_buffer

Actually this is my first gem which contains a Ruby C extension,
and which only works for MRI or Rubinius using GNU Readline,
not BSD Editline. I'll try to build JRuby extension later, it shouldn't
be too hard.

The reason why I need this is, I want to the auto indention only
putting spaces for me, but not merely printing spaces. The reason
is that auto indention without a real parser is not going to be accurate,
so unexpected indention errors are expected. So there must have
some way to manually adjust this.

I saw ripl-auto_indent is using tput and print, which is ok, but I don't
want to go that path.

I'll put this autoindent plugin under require 'rib/extra/autoindent'

updated 2011-08-19 05:49
Oh, I forgot to include the reference I was looking at.
* Programming with GNU Readline
* ruby/trunk/string.c
* ruby/trunk/ext/readline/readline.c

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