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The shadow of github

Martin Fowler: VersionControlTools
Whatever the reason git seems to be attractive more to
those who enjoy learning the internals while mercurial
seems to appeal more to those who just want to do version
The shadow of github is important here. Even git-skeptics
rate it as a superb place for project collaboration.

659. 01-04 google, gmail, and github
Michael Klishin:
Everything you read above simply does not really matter.
Because GitHub is only available for Git. Hg, bzr, darcs all lack github.

Martin Fowler: VcsSurvey
VSS got the most "dangerous" responses, but a couple of
people approved of it.
I'm sure the difference in approval percentage between
VSS, TFS, and ClearCase isn't signifcant, but the
difference between these three and the leaders is.

Am I beating a dead horse? (last quotes)

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