What have you found for these years?


murmur (40)

不過邊做邊看,也差不多把 thin 和 eventmachine 架構看完了 -_-

below is selection and editing from buzz,
with some additional notes

2:26 am
On a New Road: Time to move on...

6:55 pm
what the, keynote.app crashed my entire OS,
and after rebooting, my entire dock preference disappeared? come on....

so what else i had in dock previously? :(

8:50 pm

Apr 11
that's why rubygems is very slow?
"""When installing the rails gem, over 500,000 temporary Dependecy objects"""

Apr 11: interesting, 被出賣的台灣:好萊塢說的台獨故事
Apr 10: cool, 丹麥美人魚化作一具白骨
Apr 10: awesome, 打敗美國宇航局的攝影發燒友
Apr 10: XDDDDDD, 推薦這8位網友聯合申請諾貝爾文學獎
Apr 10: enterprise-level programming
Apr 10: """Looks cool, a shame it's not in the App Store."""
Apr 10: 有一些真的很低能 XDD
瞧,我把它修好了之四 (39P)

Apr 9: 明天不睡得像死人就會是死人了 @@
Apr 9: i should eat faster...
Apr 8: too beautiful to run fast
"""Don't simply say "this is so unDRY!" and rewrite it to be 7x slower."""

Apr 7: small life with small world
Apr 7: .......昨天忘記帶鼠板,今天特別提醒自己要帶,

Apr 7: sorry, 一些回覆明天再寫..
今天簡直是整天處於昏迷狀態,雖然已經不算早了... 關機去

Apr 7: katamari level!!
an implementation of above comic
Apr 6: where was i...
Apr 6: 菲隊是什麼鬼詞...
Apr 5: 投影片做 35 頁了,估計有可能破百..
Apr 5: bunny
Apr 4: 「字源學」一詞的字源考
Apr 3: interesting, 我們距離二戰前的日本有多遠?
Apr 3: lol at daily wtf: data = data.body rescue data
Apr 3: my buzz is missing too!!!
i said "your system is buggy man..."
Apr 2: :( 情報狂與美食家:線上與紙本的閱讀差別
Apr 2
considering unsubscribe planet haskell and planet scala,
completely no time to read them...

Apr 1: jserv 講 LLVM, 有點想聽 @@
jserv: LLVM 力 -- 軟體的價值由編譯器決定
(04-12: 後來真是掀起不少 LLVM 的討論,滿不錯的,
525. 10-11 LLVM & Rubinius)

Apr 1: 現在換輔大在 spam 我了,這沒興趣保留證據了
反正台大的早進去了 XD
"""輔仁大學神學院生命倫理研究中心 維護家庭部"""

Apr 1: like. 淺談拇指湯

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