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Miko Mitama, The Grateful Crane, and Urashima Taro

Miko Mitama, The Grateful Crane, and Urashima Taro

Miko Mitama's production speed is way too low, not tanky enough to be a tank, range is too short to survive long enough, and the damage is not high enough. The only niche she has is probably resistant to shockwave, but now we got Li'l Lion Cat I don't see how Miko Mitama would have any use, not to mention that she has to be competing with the best cat in the game -- Mitama the Oracle. It's doomed.

The Grateful Crane has very high DPS, but it really moves too slowly and the range is too short, and it's not tanky enough to even attack once before it dies. I don't see The Grateful Crane could have any use against beside extremely short range enemies like cyclones.

There are a few similar rare cats like Elemental Duelist Cat, which has very limited range, not tanky enough, however getting higher level like 40+30, Elemental Duelist Cat has 37,000 health which could probably take a few hits. This changes things a lot. As long as it could start hitting the enemies, they could stack up and deal massive damage provided that they could land a hit or two.

Unfortunately, The Grateful Crane, even at whooping 50+70, only has 23,310 health, maybe that could take one or two hits... but with a more reasonable level like 50+5, only has 16,372 health, and with much slower movement speed, I don't see this could be useful...

Urashima Taro on the other hand, I really like him. It's certainly the best spammable black tank. He's certainly not as destructive as Kasa Jizo, but still spammable and much tankier than Kasa Jizo. I don't remember which stage, probably a 3-star stage. I didn't win with just Kasa Jizo because I can't stand with the black attackers. King Gamereon is certainly much more tankier than Urashima Taro, but he's not spammable. In this particular stage, King Gamereon died before I could summon him again, while just spamming Urashima Taro along with Kasa Jizo won the stage for me.

Using Urashima Taro as a generalist is also fine in my opinion. Of course, don't compare him with Kasa Jizo. I was using Urashima Taro as my main attacker before I got Kasa Jizo.

Edited: Oh, maybe it's not because I couldn't summon King Gamereon again. It might because that stage was short of money and I couldn't afford summoning King Gamereon.

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