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Let's Encrypt for *.godfat.org

This is a note to myself so that if my server breaks I could easier recover it.

* Use dehydrated (renamed from letsencrypt.sh)
* Use letsencrypt-manual-hook
* Set domains.txt as godfat.org *.godfat.org > godfat.org
* Run: ./dehydrated --cron --challenge dns-01 --hook 'hooks/manual/manual_hook.rb'
* Go to my DNS provider and setup TXT records manually. Twice Two TXT records in the same time.
* sudo cp certs/godfat.org/fullchain.pem /etc/nginx/ssl.crt
* sudo cp certs/godfat.org/privkey.pem /etc/nginx/ssl.key
* sudo systemctl restart nginx

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