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Things I cannot fix for my new macbook pro

Another issue which I cannot fix right now, if i leave the computer for awhile, and then come back, it would disconnect itself, causing disconnection.

Yes! Finally it didn't disconnect now. Just check all of them:
- Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off
- Put hard disks to sleep when possible
- Wake for network access
- Enable Power Nap while plugged into a power adapter

* System fonts or font rendering is very bad at my external Dell monitor. (it's excellent in built-in screen though, but I am not using it daily) It's extremely small and too thin, sometimes even blurred, barely readable. Not sure if TinkerTool does help here, but I did try to make the font larger.

* Mouse wheel scrolling is quite broken. The idea of acceleration might not be too bad, but it seriously needs to be tweaked a bit. I need to scroll heavily to make it move. It's killing my finger. USB Overdrive could fix this issue somehow, but introduce another issue that I would lose selected text while scrolling, and click randomly, making it completely unusable. So I uninstalled USB Overdrive and decided to kill my finger.

* Input method McBopomofo would cause the text area shake while typing due to the height changes each time I entered Bopomofo. This happens in GMail and Facebook, but it's fine on other websites. See, smart text areas are often broken. I really hope people could make more plain old text areas which just work.

There are a few other things which are not ideal but acceptable. For example, I want to disable transparency for menus, but then dock would also lose transparency which looks quite ugly. But well, look and feel is less important for me anyway.

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