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Finally fixed my iTerm2

Updated: I just realized that the offending config is exactly
setting the tab theme to Light (High Contrast).
Apparently this is broken for a very, very long time...
So I have no other choice but just set it to Dark (High Contrast).
I do not like dark tab theme but without "High Contrast" the gradient
colors are driving me crazy because it's just unreadable.

This seriously drove me crazy, and it's been for so long.
Probably a few months ago, every time after I upgraded iTerm2,
it would be broken. It would just keep opening blank unusable
windows. I doubted that has something to do with session
restoration, because it worked a few times if I just download
a fresh new version.

But not this time... and seriously I don't want to reconfigure
it at all, because I have a ton of customization which I don't
quite remember and I don't want to go over with it again!

So I tried to load my backup settings for iTerm2, but it turned
out that if I just restored it, the problem would persist. However,
of course not all the settings were the offenders! If I tried to
restore settings piece by piece, it would actually work.

Finally I found the offenders were below. Just remove them and
iTerm2 could work properly. I think it's probably some settings
which in a newer version they're removed, but it's not handled
properly therefore would cause issues.

Anyway, I am so glad this is fixable.


Also note that the config was located at:
Apparently I still lose some settings, e.g. tab title is barely
readable, and I am not sure if that could be fixed. But at least
it's working now.

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