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暫時放棄 guildwars 2

因為實在太難買了。gamestop 太蠢了。算了,人生本來就有很多遺憾,我盡力了。
以下從 twitter 複製過來的:

0 gamestop is so lame. it's not shipping outside of the US, got it?
billing address is not shipping address. either a message bug or a
stupid bug.

1 @GuildWars2 is there any retailer which would sell a CE other
than gamestop in the US? gamestop didn't work for me, i got
quite angry now.

2 does gamestop support read my mail? that's not what i was
asking at all. this is even more frustrating than talking to NCsoft

3 if it's not guildwars, i would have given up long ago. this is too lame.
4 they replied quite slowly too. i started to think that i should give up.
5 then i could also save my budget for purchasing a new machine
with windows. that's quite a lot of money in order to play guildwars 2.
6 i feel so sad that i have to say goodbye to guildwars 2. i never
thought that gamestop is so lame.

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