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Running rib-rails on Heroku cedar stack (2)

In the previous post, I misused `heroku run`. Actually we can quote
the command what we want to run on Heroku! Stupid me, I should
think of this at the very beginning.

In short, readline_buffer and rib/extra/autoindent does work on
Heroku cedar stack.

02:33> heroku run 'rib all -rrib/extra/autoindent rails' --remote heroku
Running rib all -rrib/extra/autoindent rails attached to terminal... up, run.13
Loading production environment (Rails 3.1.0)
>> def f
 |   p 1
 | end
=> nil

How could I ask for more? Umm, history file maybe? But this would
be definitely hard to implement considering a distributed system.

Awesome job, Heroku!

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