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[ANN] rest-core 0.4.0 released


by Cardinal Blue http://cardinalblue.com


Modular Ruby clients for REST APIs


rest-core 0.4.0 – 2011-09-26

Incompatible changes:

  • [dry] Now RestCore::Ask is renamed to RestCore::Dry for better understanding. Thanks miaout17

  • [client] Now request method takes an env and an app to make requests, instead of a weird requests array.

  • [client] Now if you really want to disable something, for example, disabling cache when the default cache is Rails.cache, you’ll need to pass false instead of nil. This is because nil stands for using defaults in rest-core.

  • [client] Defaults priorities are changed to: per-request > instance variable > class defaults > middleware defaults See test_client.rb for more detailed definition. If you don’t understand this, don’t worry, since then this won’t affect you.

Compatible changes:

  • [client] Introduced a new method request_full which is exactly the same as request but also returns various information from the app, including RESPONSE_STATUS and RESPONSE_HEADERS

  • [client] Removed various unused, untested, undocumented legacy from rest-graph.

  • [error] Introduced RestCore::Error which is the base class for all exceptions raised by rest-core

  • [builder] Now RestCore::Builder.default_app is the default app which would be used for building clients without setting an app. By default, it’s RestClient, but you can change it if you like.

  • [builder] It no longer builds a @wrapped app. If you don’t understand this, then this does nothing for you. It’s an internal change. (or bug fix)

  • [wrapper] Now RestCore::Wrapper.default_app is the default app which would be used for wrapping middlewares without setting an app. By default, it’s Dry, but you can change it if you like.

  • [wrapped] Fixed a bug that force middlewares to implement members method, which should be optional. Thanks miaout17

  • [facebook][rails_util] Now default cache is Rails.cache instead of nil
  • [simple] Added a Simple client, which only wraps RestClient
  • [univeral] Added an Universal client, which could be used for anything
  • [flurry] Added a Flurry client, along with its Flurry::RailsUtil
  • [mixi] Added a Mixi client

  • [bypass] Added a Bypass middleware which does nothing but passing env
  • [oauth2_header] OAuth2Header is a middleware which would pass access_token in header instead of in query string.
  • [common_logger] nil object would no longer be logged
  • [json_decode] Do nothing if we are being asked for env (dry mode)
  • [cache] Now default :expires_in is 600 down from 3600
  • [middleware] Now not only query values would be escaped, but also keys.

  • [rib-rest-core] Introduced an interactive shell. You’ll need rib to run this: rib rest-core. It is using an universal client to access arbitrary websites.


gem install rest-core

Or if you want development version, put this in Gemfile:

gem 'rest-core', :git => 'git://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core.git',
                 :submodules => true

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