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Spellcheck only for English in vim

I must admit vim is a very powerful text editor, but it still makes me
feel ancient (well, emacs is even more ancient for me). I have to tweak
my .vimrc a thousands times to make it work well with me.

I can't think of any case that we would want to do spell check
on CJK characters for English words or grammar... It just didn't
make sense.

After googling a bit, finally I found the solution.
Something like this should be the default.

syntax match English /[!-~]/ contains=@spell
syntax match Normal /[^!-~]/ contains=@nospell

What surprised me was that, someone didn't think mixing languages
in a text is usual. Well, I am always mixing Chinese and English.
It's hardly to find me writing only in Chinese....
I know something like *WWW* is not really English, but is it Chinese?
Mixing languages are so often.. and other than vim, I didn't see
which text editor would also mark all Chinese as wrong spelling.
That would be insane for non-English writers...

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yen3 said...

Thank you.

It looks a good idea to set the environment of vim.

The following is my setting for LaTeX file.

augroup filetype
au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.tex set spell
augroup END

I only spell check for tex file. I have no requirement for other file format.

Maybe there are other way to set the vim. XD

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

I would like to see spellcheck for source codes with comments :p
So actually I need to change the color for bad spelling too,
otherwise it would be too noisy.

And thanks for the info. It seems I might want to set some group as well.

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