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Whatever happened to programming?

Whatever happened to programming?

Interesting and yes, that's what we have in "programming"
nowadays. I am not saying it's bad, but I think that's
how the world goes. Just like the rich get richer and
richer, while the poor get poorer and poorer "relatively".

It's not bad, and it's not good, it's just what would happen.

And... everyone likes to make joke on "Enterprisy"
form: 1620. 04-12 murmur (40)
Apr 10: enterprise-level programming
Instead of designing beautiful data-structures and
elegant algorithms, we're looking up the
EnterpriseFactoryBeanMaker class in the 3,456-page
Bumper Tome Of Horrible Stupid Classes (Special Grimoire
Edition), because we can't remember which of the
arguments to the createEnterpriseBeanBuilderFactory()
method tells it to make the public static pure virtual
destructor be a volatile final abstract interface
factory decorator.

Yes, they should all be Java. Java embraces Enterprisy.

The follow up worth reading as well.
Whatever happened to programming, redux:
it may not be as bad as all that

I would like to quote this:
(Again: this is not always true of all frameworks. I
hope from the bottom of heart that when I start using
Rails, it will prove to be among the exceptions. But my
experience so far does not make me optimistic.)

You know the real problem with frameworks? They demo
too well. Someone shows you their favourite framework
and demonstrates how you can build 50% of your
application in half an hour! Great! That other 50%
can't be hard, can it? But it turns out that what
looked like 50% is actually 5%, and filling in the other
95% gets exponentially more difficult as you approach
the 100% mark. Frameworks are great for building toys,
and that fools us — again and again — into assuming
they're good for building products.

Can't agree more. Please stop demo-ing the look so
great things. To build something big, please build from
scratch or only use "library" not "framework".

Frameworks were designed for small projects that didn't
work together, while libraries were designed to work together.
Always remember what the UNIX Philosophy told us...
I remember I saw someone whined that stop writing
frameworks! Instead please write libraries.

But I guess we all need at least a dream to take the boat :p
And that's all marketing about I guess...
We need to make every effort to design our libraries in
such a way that the programmer is in control and the
library is his or her servant. I think that's so
important that I am now going to go and have it tattooed
on the insides of my eyelids, so that it's always before
me when I'm sleeping.

Especially, I have learned that anything that has
"Enterprise" in its name is so incredibly boring that
the people who use it had to shove the name of the
Star Trek ship into its title just to keep themselves awake.
(I am convinced that this is the case.)

Go! Enterprise! XD

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