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對這種用色沒啥抵抗力 @@



Lin Jen-Shin via PopCap Games: oh cool, every game
started up from a totally different concept
2010-03-31 at 12:35am (facebook 時間不正確)
Aliens in the garden: the secret origin of
Plants vs. Zombies


12:33 am, like. 淺談拇指湯

3:21 pm
i think there's no need to purchase insurance for
something you seldom or never make mistakes, especially
if you did, you lost very little... in other words,
don't purchase insurance for everything.

if 5 == number

looks stupid

5:02 pm, please don't generate logs i would never look
~/p/c/t/log *dev> ln -s /dev/null development.log
~/p/c/t/log *dev> ln -s /dev/null test.log

8:45 pm
isn't CSS high level enough??
why bother writing another high level language just like
another flavor of CSS and compile it to CSS??
Not Invented Here Syndrome? flair
or i guess it's just a practice. practice is good.

9:37 pm
i must be an idiot that totally forgot i was using mock!!!!!!
so there's no really saving happening!!! orz
totally waste of time...

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