What have you found for these years?



I start to think that JS maybe worth putting effort on,
given that there are so many impressive projects!

HTML5: This presentation is an HTML5 website

Akihabara source

Quake II GWT Port

node source

nitro (used to be Ruby's, and it influenced Ramaze)
nitro source

jsgi and jack

Functional Programming Aid for Javascript.
Works well with jQuery.
underscore source

Facebook Graph API, CouchDB, CouchDB source, MongoDB, BSON
JSON, JSON, JSON, JSON everywhere.

Goodbye XML... (hopefully)
Yet YAML is still better for human to read,
and it's a superset of JSON, so it should be no problem.

And many more on Lambda the Ultimate.

Awesome! Now what I only missed is a good JS
interpreter and/or VM plus interactive mode
available from my terminal just like Ruby.

I guess there would be one on top of V8?

This world is changing... we're living on the edge.
Internet and mobile device would rule the world.

2010-04-23 19:00 updated
oh, and bunch of google stuffs, such as google chart,
google map, etc.

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