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JavaScript (2) Facebook Open Graph

So everyone is talking about the new Facebook API,
and my first impression is that it reminds me the
semantic web, and wondering if it would get killed
just like XHTML 2 got killed by the growth of HTML 5.

Then my second thought would be more personal that
thinking now we can get rid of the old bad Facebook
API and the only maintained open source Ruby client
implementation Facebooker.

I am so glad that the new API looks a lot more
consistent and organized, and a lot more simpler
and easier to use and implement a client.
Hopefully it would be a lot less buggy as well.

More over, its old RESTful API is not RESTful at all.

Perhaps the hardest thing is...
Throw away all old hard works, and tell all your
clients that you need to throw away all your hard
works too. This is impressive as well.
Though indeed the old works were pretty bad IMO...
Though sometimes historical reasons are always
stronger than reasonable reasons...

Let's see.

Bret Taylor

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