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Braid (4)

忍不住翻了一下 wikipedia 和一些 article, interview, etc.
似乎簡單地說就是... multiple interpretation and
interpret on your own. :(

不是說這樣不好,只是辛苦打完,總想聽個結局啊 XD
還要自己解釋編故事也太累了 orz


不過作者居然 double-major in Computer Science and
English (Berkeley!!!)... 難怪會寫出這麼神奇的東西 @@
雖然不知道他到底想表達什麼,字裡行間就有某種魅力在 XDDDD

Game Designer Jonathan Blow:
What We All Missed About Braid

"English is very much creatively-driven. It's
mostly analysis and interpretation and history of
literature. And basically, the entire bachelor's
degree in English is all about bullshitting
things. And Computer Science, which was my other
major, was exactly the opposite of that. You had
to know what you were doing, and you had to know
what you were talking about."

bullshitting 所以故意寫出意味不明的劇本嗎...

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