What have you found for these years?


quine 王...


這人好愛 quine XD

[Ruby] 山手 quine
[Ruby] 最悪な Hello, world! を書いてみた
[Ruby] quine web server (in ramaze, another one is socket + ajax...)
[Ruby] qif 画像 (輸出 gif 圖檔!?)

真敗給他了 XD 有空再來細看

ruby-core 看來的 #to_enum ignores block?

還有這種東西 XD
_ allows you to write Ruby script by using only _.

Ruby, Quine, esoteric languages, and what not

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老林 said...

_ 我點進去 404 not found @@

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

點的真不是時候,整個 github 掛了

GitHub is Temporarily Offline.

Check Twitter for status alerts.

Either we're getting more requests right now than we can
handle or you found a page that took too long to render.

老林 said...

oh gawd !!!!!! ......

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