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app-deploy released (2)

i hate myself... (that always do stupid things)

i would prepare to release app-deploy-0.7.0 tomorrow,
after some simple testings with the new nginx tasks
and unicorn tasks, which wrapping signal tasks to
manage processes with a pid file.

there's no much difference between nginx tasks and
unicorn tasks. to name a few, the process name,
config path, and pid path. (plus a ENV option for rack/rails)

that is, rake $ (-- is this Haskell favor i suppose? i mean, $)
app:signal:start # => start a process unless pid file existed
app:signal:stop # => send TERM to a process, ignore all errors
app:signal:restart # => stop + start
app:singal:reload # => same as stop, but send HUP instead
app:singal:kill # send any signal as your wish

then i would start migrating all services from passenger
to unicorn afterward as i promised to Eric Wong.


mogilefs-client and unicorn are both well written.
i'm an old fogey with large fonts too :p
there are so many websites with horrible layouts on
my browsers... especially on safari. firefox is a bit
better about this. (words won't get overlapped sometimes)

i should try to learn some styles from those two libs.
and ramaze and innate, i guess.

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