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Using the New Gem Bundler Today

This is interesting, though you don't have to bother the bundling
problems on Heroku. I used to use user based gems,
that is, for each application, install all things under /home/USER.
( user based gems is a build-in feature in Rubygems )
Then I could pack the /home/USER around without polluting
system gems nor polluted by system gems.

The draw back is that you have to create a new user for each
application. On a read-only filesystem, this is a needless cost.

Additionally, Bundler would help you to specify gem versions,
separate environments, (e.g. worker daemon, web applications, etc)
and require_env to require all gems in a call. That's great.
I hope this could be a standard way to bundle an application.

I guess this is what wycats said in this ticket.

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