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estiah racing

覺得他 racing 的句子很有趣,按了幾場 random race 列出一些。
以 lexical order 排列。順手翻譯自己覺得比較有趣的。
當然,[] 請代入寵物的名字。

A cook abducted [] in a hurry.
A fireball was hurled at []'s direction.
A huge tree fell on [].
A hunter mistook [] for his prey.
[] began to stare at the shiny gold trophy.
[] disliked the commotion around it.
[] failed to fuse with its persona
[] failed to transform into Super [].
[] fell asleep.
[] fell in love with the animal next to it.
[] finally exited the matrix
[] never understood the reason it was there in the first place.
[] picked up a shiny coin on the ground for its master.
[] ran out of breath.
[] refused to run for its master's sake.
[] said something about its master's cruelty.
[] shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms on the way.
[] slipped on a banana peel.
[] sought the answer to Death, Life and Everything.
[] started to dance.
[] started to meditate about life.
[] stopped in a sulk.
[] stopped to make traps for other runners.
[] stopped to re-evaluate its life's goals
[] strayed from the course in search of food.
[] thinks playing is better than running.
[] thought it died for his honorable master's sake.
[] thought the sky was so beautiful.
[] tripped on its untied shoelaces.
[] wanted to run with scissors
[] was attracted by the cheers of the crowd.
[] was captured and forced to test make-up and perfumes
[] was confident about winning the next day.
[] was distracted by a flower.
[] was foiled by the Roadrunner... again
[] was frozen by a frost spell.
[] was hit by a vicious blue shell.
[] was struck by lightning.
[] was sucked up into an improbable wormhole
[] was surrounded by a horde of monsters.
[] was too hungry to continue.
[] was trapped in a pitfall.


[] crossed the goal line under the crowd's applause.
[] finished the race gloriously.
[] proved justice would always prevail.
[] walked over the goal line in triumph.
[] was kicked over the goal line.

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