What have you found for these years?


too much, scala, couchdb

I spend too much time talking to myself,
but I don't think there's anyway to stop this.


I would spend some time reading about Scala.
Scala is worth putting some attention IMO.
It is very complex just like C++, but better designed
in most places, and playing well with both functional
programming and object-oriented programming.


Perhaps start doing some experiments with abstract
adapter of dm-core, and try to integrate it with CouchDB.
I would name it `dm-ouchdb-adapter' if there's any progress.

Don't name it with `dm-couchdb-adapter' since there should
be many more implementations for CouchDB adapter.
And for sure, there's already one with that name.

One more thing, forget about `dm-rest-adapter'.
I don't think we could create an universal REST adapter...
It is not a standard but only a simple practice and
principle. It would be too hard to do it right,
unless you are only facing a simple model, say,
without any relation, and only key-value lookup is needed.
But that's not DataMapper anymore, try another tool instead.

BTW, `couchrest' could be a possible back-end for


I should definitely go to sleep right now.

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