What have you found for these years?


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太陽悍菌 XDD

i think i need to take a deep look at routes,
and controllers.

what did i want to prove for after all?

...這台 macbook 居然兩歲了,渾然不覺
這意思是其實現在換電腦也沒關係嗎? XD
再加上每次想到這,都會覺得那不如來換耳機或買 cd XD


{:method => :put, :method => :post}

好久沒打 guild wars

整個 routes 重寫後,之前愚蠢的 routes helper workaround,
接著搞定 in_place_editing, 就可以把 default routes 拿掉。
不過這又牽涉到跨 domain 的問題...

反正只要跟 ajax 有關就很麻煩 :(



There's someone ask me to help another one to build up
a blog before, but it seems that the someone didn't know
anything about programming or any tech behind a blog.

All the someone wanted was... something like: "People
use a blog to market, so we have to use a blog too."
Then I started explaining that I don't do anything about
market or blog content, you have to provide your content
yourself. All what I do was technical things, e.g., data
storing, data processing, etc.

And I realized that there are so many people
blindly follow the principle: "If you have one, then
I must have that one too, no matter what the one is."

Oh, I know why you hate website now,
but I hate selling things on TV still, and much more.

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