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ruby 1.8.7

ruby-core/talk 這幾天在大戰 1.8.7 的發展方向。
想當然爾,絕大多數的人都在抗議 1.8.7 增加太多新功能。

對於我個人而言,我幾乎所有的程式在 1.8.6 是可以直接搬到 1.8.7
而不用做任何修改。我並不覺得 1.8.7 有改很多東西...
是有加很多新東西,但是並不覺得有做什麼 compatibility change.

當然 rails 爛掉了,還有不少 lib 也爛了。native gem 先不論,
我是覺得是因為 rails 程式寫得很髒才會爛的。他們用了太多非常
implementation specific 的東西。對於有在寫 C++ 而言的我,
很多東西本來就是不應該去碰的,例如 argument evaluation order,
hash key order 等等。

但我也覺得大多數的人好像只是不滿意 1.8.7 這個名字。

有人說 1.8.7 應該是 1.9, 而 1.9 應該是 2.0.


1.8.6-p144 => 18.6.144
1.8.7-p72 => 18.7.72
1.9.0-p1 => 19.0.1
1.9.1-p0 => 19.1.0

這樣他們大概就沒有意見了吧? :o

無怪 Matz 要說

Perhaps, people became less geek these days.

而 why the lucky stiff 則說

Sometimes this community feels like one of those marriages where the
lady marries the guy because she thinks she can change the guy.
But the guy's the guy! I don't know.

不過 Charles Oliver Nutter 也說得很是

Unless, of course, the guy can be convinced that he's causing the lady
some sort of pain and seek to change himself. Quietly ignoring the
problem is what *leads* to mobs and divorces. I think what we're doing
here is entirely appropriate: raise concerns, discuss, hope for change
or compromise.

It may be Matz's language, but it's everyone's community.

另外剛剛又看到 Engine Yard 居然願意接手 1.8.6 !!!!!
這家公司真的是滿讓人欣賞的 :s


引爆點,1.8.8 要 backport 更多東西:
New hash : syntax for the 1.8 series?

[quote="Akinori MUSHA"]
Yes. Backporting syntactic changes is a big part of the plan for ruby
1.8.8, although some features in 1.9 can never be integrated into 1.8
because of compatibility constraints or implementation limitations.
Considering those unfortunate cases, I am thinking of making the 1.8
interpreter at least capable in parsing 1.9 specific constructs
without error, although it may not be able to actually run it.

1.8.7 Specifics

ruby-talk 大家講話就不客氣了... ruby-core 上都還客客氣氣 XD
If you are unhappy with the direction of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond

If you are happy with the direction of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond

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Anonymous said...

其實只要維持 backward compatible... 我倒是覺得沒這麼嚴重

我倒是覺得,ruby core team 似乎沒有很重視關於版本演進的思考議題 (比如哪個版要釋出什麼功能之類,roadmap 感覺訂的不是很嚴謹)...

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

我也是這樣覺得。雖然說 1.8.7 跟 1.8.6,
我想最不妥的引入,應該是 Enumerator,
例如 File#lines 原本傳 Array 變 Enumerator
加個 to_a 就好了,兩邊都可相容。

不過 ruby core team 沒有 roadmap 確實是真的。
不是不嚴謹,是根本沒有 XDDDD
或是在 ruby-dev, 這是純日文的 mailing list...

想想覺得 why 說得滿對的
其實 ruby 就是這樣啊... 一直以來都是 XD
就看 core team 決定怎麼做,
還有有沒有人要出來做某個 branch 的 maintainer 吧

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

我錯了,其實 1.8.6 沒有 File#lines, 不好意思沒有查證

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