What have you found for these years?


lots things to do

1. backup and backup and backup...

a. 飽和脂肪星
b. all data on the previous computer
c. all data on the previous hard drive... hoping there's 10TB hd
d. articles here to 飽和脂肪星
e. private mails on ptt
f. all the text files into 飽和脂肪星?
g. all the source code i'd written
h. all the resource on the previous computer, e.g., web link
i. what else?

2. make my personal input method with open vanilla, including
the custom words (or phrases perhaps?)

3. make my music easier to reach...

4. install xp, making all the common stuff can work easier

5. write(log perhaps :p) down recent works

6. about the new mac book, and the future

7. study as usual

8. more?

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