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Battle Cats feedback


There's a lot you should do. First of all, any games need new players. You should someway find a way to allow newer players to catch up with old players. You should re-evaluate the idea of cat energy. I know it would be tough to change this without breaking current balance, but removing energy would allow newer players to catch up much faster, and allow the old players to play some stages just for fun! You could make it that if we don't use energy to play a stage, no reward would be given. This could limit the reward for like Facing Danger, yet still allow players to play No Plan A for fun or simply retrying other strategies. Consider that a lot of players are already cheating to replay or gain energy... this would also make the game more fair to those who never cheat like me.

Also, the way Normal cats work, isn't friendly to a new player too. How could they get the Normal cats to +70 at all? Yet a lot of stages in the legend require high level Normal cats. Or they need to have a lot of ubers. That's not nice to them.

Secondly, it would be nice to tweak the stats a bit for cats balance. I know that you're somehow using True form to raise under powered cats, and sometimes you would also tweak the stats a bit for individual cats. However some cats even in True form are under powered due to power creep. I've heard that there might have Ultimate form... but please don't do that, just balance the stats would be nice. We'd enough power creep, and power creep would destroy your older levels. That's killing replayability.

Thirdly, it would be nice to have some QoL changes. For example, it would be nice to have a way to enable auto-production for each individual cats. For example, in some stages I might want endless meat shields. Yes Cat CPU would do this for me, but that's one for all, and I might just want endless meat shields. This could be an improvement to the Cat CPU, or a base functionality, whichever is fine.


* Re-evaluate cat energy for new players
* Find a way to allow new players to raise the level of Normal cat without cat tickets (or just give more cat tickets, but remove the fact that we could exchange for rare tickets to balance it out. Find a new way to reward rare tickets)
* Balancing cat stats
* Having a way to auto-produce individual cats


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