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GW2 WvW Zerg Bursting Chronomancer

Post on official forum: Re: Help with a WvW Chrono Build for group play

So since I've been playing in group with a bursting mesmer for a while
now, I would like to put my two cents here. In short, I am running this
build: WvW Zerg Bursting Chronomancer

I mainly play with a group of 20~50 against another group of 20~50,
acting as a bomb and taking enemies down with low health or glassy ones.

This is basically a power build because condition damage doesn't work
too well in this context and shatters could hardly hit with condition
weapons. Greatsword is somehow the only viable weapon for AoE damage.

I need at least two stun breaks to survive due to lack of stability,
and Decoy and Blink are the best ones especially for Blink, it's
truly a life saver because this build is quite glassy. Only 3 pieces
of trinkets are Captain and the rest are all Berserker. I should heal
or blink even if I only took one shot in general.

Mirror was taken due to fast recharge so it works well with
Mender's Purity. Cleansing two conditions is not a lot, but with
15 seconds cooldown it's acceptable. Also given this pirate ship meta,
reflection could come in handy when I'm aimed by a Ranger, too.

Restorative Illusions is not always necessary. I only take it when
we're out of number and having only around 20 people. If cleansing
is not an issue, I'll take Protected Phantasms instead. Fighting
against 20+ people, illusions basically die immediately so this would
be necessary to land Phantasmal Berserker, and it still dies immediately
after distortion ran out so I would shatter it immediately, too.

So here's how a fight goes:

Basically just stay a bit behind our train. Whenever I see a good chance
or whenever the commander calls, drop Gravity Well and Continuum Split.
Drop Well of Calamity accordingly if it's not a good enough chance,
or when Gravity Well is on cooldown. Use Blink as a gap closer accordingly.
Sometimes Decoy would work, too.

Shatter fast and don't try to save illusions. Shatter works very well
when I'm around the enemies with Illusionary Reversion and Chronophantasma.
Just smash the buttons when enemies are around. This would be a very
strong burst with Greatsword. Use Blink and Decoy to escape accordingly.
(or even Decoy to shatter for the extra illusion)

Take Veil or Portal Entre accordingly, of curse.
Swap a Berserker ring with a Solider ring if we're so out of number.


On the other hand, I really admire how ND (Never Die) plays. I don't know
how they run Chronomancer in detail, but this would be the build from my
observation: WvW Zerg Support Chronomancer
Eat this food: Plate of Mussels Gnashblade

A lot of slots are empty because I have no idea. Try your own creativity.
This build is very, very cooperative though. Heralds are much needed as well.

Basically it's a boon sharing build, stacking 25 stacks of stability and
maintain permanent resistance. The use of Temporal Curtain was very impressive
as well. They could kill 5+ people standing on the wall in a burst.

I don't see pirate ship meta on them and they could take down double or
even triple enemies (e.g. 15 vs 30). Both tanky and destructive.
In the end often enemies just ran away seeing them.

This definitely doesn't work without a voice chat.

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