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Save myself from bundler (2)

updated 2012-09-20 22:38 Add this on top of Rakefile to fix it:
ENV['RUBYOPT'] = "#{ENV['RUBYOPT']} -rbundler/setup"
You can't use -r bundler/setup but only -rbundler/setup because that's
how Bundler's regular expression is matching against. Yeah, broken,
see the source.


I didn't realize that I would write another post for this...
The last post is at:
2192. 09-12 Save myself from bundler

So now the problem is that the patch doesn't work for running
`rake test` in Rails, because Rails would spawn a subprocess to
run tests separately, and Bundler would hack into RUBYOPT to
make my patch broken.

This is why running the command to run the test would work,
but run the command via `rake test` won't work.

This is so hacky.

In short, if you run `ruby -e "p ENV['RUBYOPT']"` everything would
be expected, but if you run that command in a Ruby process which
loaded Bundler, then ENV['RUBYOPT'] would be ended up with:

"-I~/.gem/ruby/1.9.1/gems/bundler-1.2.1/lib -rbundler/setup -I~/.config/bundler"

As you can see in the source, it would try to prepend the bundler it is using,
and Ruby would inherit the ENV in a subprocess. BOOM, then it's wrong.

Actually I think I got trapped by this before too. Consider this. You're in a project
which is using a Gemfile, and then in this project, you would spawn a subprocess
to run another project, using different Gemfile, or not using Bundler at all. It's
simply wrong, and it's very hard to fix this without monkey patching Bundler.

I really feel Rails is hacky, and Bundler is hacky, and most of thing invented for
Rails are also hacky.

If you want to use Bundler, require 'bundler/setup' yourself. Don't rely on this
hacky behaviour. This is so broken, and I don't think they are going to fix this.

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