What have you found for these years?


eit-gem with fish completion!

eit-gem is a command line tool which can open a gem directory
or a Ruby file inside stdlib (actually, in $LOAD_PATH) with your
favorite editor (i.e. $EIT_EDITOR)

eit is a editor command line wrapper so that I don't have to
change my command line I used to type whenever I switched
my favorite editor. (I want to escape from TextMate)

eit-gem.fish is the fish completion script for auto-completion
in fish shell for eit-gem. I'll just show you an example to see
how useful it is:
17:35 ~> eit-gem ya[TAB]
yajl-ruby  (Gem)  yaml/dbm.rb    (File)  yaml/syck.rb  (File)  
yaml.rb   (File)  yaml/store.rb  (File)  yard           (Gem)
Well, at least it's useful for me who always tries to dig into the source.
Who wants this be a gem?

p.s. shell programming is a PITA. Did you see this in eit-gem.fish?
sed 's/\//\\\\\//g')\\///
Shell should be multi-level, multi-level is hard.
Maybe we should use Lisp for shell programming?

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Andrew Liu said...

ruby for shell programming!

but readline is hard...

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

this could also be a cool reference: (not for ruby though)

all those crappy readline and readline compatibles :(
i guess we're in a state that it's not very good,
but maybe good enough for most cases... so no one
really tries to do the revolution

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