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Turn off Google Instant Search on Chrome

Sorry, Firefox 10, you're just too slow on my MacBook Pro 8G RAM,
always only using 1G and wasting my free memory, consuming all
my CPU resource and yet still laggy all the time when I type my
words on the web, waiting for 2~3 seconds all the time.

I just can't stand with it anymore. Firefox 9 is much faster...
But no, I am not going to downgrade Firefox in order to get
performance gain. That's not the way it should be....

I am always a Firefox fan, but still, sorry. I can come back
any time if Firefox *works* again.

While I *hate* Chrome, but I can't use Opera. I already gave it
a few chances, but too many web sites are not usable under Opera,
and Opera crashed a few times on my computer.

If Firefox can run faster, if web sites are supporting Opera,
I don't have be tortured by Chrome. Really, I hate Chrome so much,
yet I have no other choices but pick Chrome as my primary

Anyway, I am trying to customize Chrome to be usable for me.
One thing is that I can't really turn off google instant search!
This is so lame, since I'd already turned it off *everywhere*.

I need to change my default search engine to:


Notice the complete=0, while I'd like search completion,
but that's the only way I know to really turn off instant
search on Chrome. I don't know what's wrong with my preference,
or it's just buggy and cannot remember my preference.

I hate instant search because it's flicking while I am typing.
Chrome does have a ton of flicking issues, switching between
tabs would cause a flick which would hurt my eyes.

Firefox and Opera have no such stupid issue.

Or should I give Safari a try? It didn't give me a good
impression before though...

I still have a ton of other issues.
For example, since I need to make the font BIG,
my viewport would be conceptually smaller than usual.
But google plus thinks my screen is big, and fixed the
HUGE menu on the top, causing my viewport even smaller.....

If anyone can give me a userscript to remove that HUGE
menu I would much appreciate. I am so tired of JavaScript
and fighting with Chrome and google plus.

Here's my previous rant about Firefox and Chrome.

Also, how to tell Chrome do not auto-open my downloaded file?

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