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How to run Rails 2 on Ruby 1.9.3

I was complaining this on twitter, and ihower answered me.
(thank you so much! it saved me so much time)

Basically, just applied this pull request as a monkey patch in your
application, or you can see how I monkey patched this in rest-more:

# monkey patch from https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/3473
class MissingSourceFile < LoadError #:nodoc:
    [/^no such file to load -- (.+)$/i, 1],
    [/^Missing \w+ (file\s*)?([^\s]+.rb)$/i, 2],
    [/^Missing API definition file in (.+)$/i, 1],
    [/^cannot load such file -- (.+)$/i, 1]

This patch is so simple, simple enough that this shouldn't
break anything (except for some crazy hacks), and I don't think
Rails team should refuse to merge this simply because Rails 2
is considered frozen.

I am really so tired of Rails, and I don't feel Rails 3 is much better
regarding this kind of hacks. I still saw a lot of this error:

ActionView::Template::Error: A is not missing constant B!

This error didn't make any sense and it never pointed to the real place
where the constant was misspelled. Yes, misspelled.

I swear I would never use Rails in my "personal" projects.

Items which always makes me feel angry:
(still growing, and did I miss anything?)

* IE
* Rails
* Facebook

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