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Sacrifice (0)


I really, really love this game. For the gameplay,
for the scenario, for the music, for the artworks,
for all the good old days we're still playing together
on the Internet, chatting with ICQ, discussing on
Gamebase, and creating topics ended with off-topics
all the time.

Thank GOG for reminding me all this, and thank Shiny
for creating this wonderful game, and thank CrossOver
Games (Wine) for running this game on my MacBook Pro,
well, partially...

I can't get multiplayers work. That is, I can only play
scenario or campaign, but not local 2vs2 or 1vs3 with AIs.
And that, playing with AIs, is what I want to play most!

I found this on Wine:

Sacrifice < 0678.05.21 Patch #3

It seems I need either:

* recompile kernel with IPX support; or
* use ipxtunnel (ports used are UDP 6073, 2302)

but none of them looks like an easy task on a Mac machine.
I've tried installing directplay with `winetricks directplay`
but with no luck.

Well, I tried all what I can do. I didn't list all of them here.
Anyway, maybe getting a Windows machine is the way to go...

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