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the origin of firefox name, and its logo

First let's see the origin of the name:

History of Firefox, Naming
The project which became Firefox started as an experimental branch
of the Mozilla Suite called m/b (or mozilla/browser). [...]
in September 2002 under the name Phoenix.
The Phoenix name was kept until April 14, 2003, when it was changed
because of a trademark dispute with the BIOS manufacturer, [...]
The new name, Firebird, met with mixed reactions, particularly as the
Firebird database server already carried the name. [...] on February 9,
2004 the project was renamed Mozilla Firefox (or Firefox for short)
The name "Firefox" (a reference to the red panda) was chosen for its
similarity to "Firebird", but also for its uniqueness in the computing

That's the name. And I searched for more information because
I don't feel red panda looks similar to Firefox logo.
Here are other quotes:

branding firefox is a post on The Hickensian
A firefox is actually a cute red panda, but it didn’t really conjure up
the right imagery. The only concept I had done that I felt happy with
was this, inspired by seeing a Japanese brush painting of a fox:

The final chosen design was a concept from Daniel Burka and
sketched by Stephen Desroches, which I then rendered using
Fireworks MX.

And here it mentioned one of the sources of the inspiration from
Daniel Burka:

Firefox refreshes logo
Daniel Burka's concept was partially inspired by a piece of artwork
found in his childhood bible, before going though its
many iterations.

And here are other references:

* Daniel Burka: FireFox Oh Point Eight
* Initial Sketch of Firefox Logo During Creation

Well, I am a fan of Firefox logo!

Also a fan of the browser too :P

p.s. I love Rails' logo too! Not the framework itself though, too bad.


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