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[ANN] rest-more 0.7.0 released


by Cardinal Blue http://cardinalblue.com


Various REST clients such as Facebook and Twitter built with rest-core


rest-more 0.7.0 – 2011-10-08

  • Extracted from rest-core 0.4.0
  • [Facebook] Added RC::Facebook#parse_fbsr! which can parse Facebook’s new cookie. Also, RC::Facebook#parse_cookies! would look for that too.
  • [Facebook] Fixed that parsing an invalid signed_request would raise an error. From now on it would simply ignore it and wipe out the data.
  • [Flurry] Some minor updates.


gem install rest-more

Or if you want development version, put this in Gemfile:

gem 'rest-more', :git => 'git://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-more.git',
                 :submodules => true


require 'rest-more'

RestCore::Twitter.new.statuses('_cardinalblue') # get user tweets
RestCore::Github.new.get('users/cardinalblue')  # get user info

linkedin = RestCore::Linkedin.new(:consumer_key    => '...',
                                  :consumer_secret => '...')
linkedin.authorize_url!   # copy and paste the URL in browser to authorize
linkedin.authorize!('..') # paste your code from browser
linkedin.me               # get current user info

RestCore::Facebook.new.get('4') # get user info

See example for more complex examples.

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