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So the rubyconf.tw/2011 is finally ended, I guess I can start taking
some real REST instead of thinking and building rest-core now :P

This might be my best experience for a conference at the moment.
I am very appreciated ihower for hosting it and inviting me. Although
actually I am not interested in most of the topics, and feeling so cold
(the air condition is too strong), sleepy (I didn't sleep well (as usual?)),
a bit too nervous and got some stomach ache after my talk...

And I guess I can never really taste food in Sinica. Maybe it would be
a good businesses to have a good restaurant or bento shop there...


Anyway. The best part is that I got more feedback than my expectation.
I didn't expect that because I never received much attention for
*any* of my works. The best one so far is rest-graph, but still, not
too much attention. It's just ok.... since I did receive some patches,
not too bad.

And rest-core is a lot more complex than rest-graph, which according
to experience, would scare people away. Or rather, people just don't
understand, so they won't pay attention at all.

I have to say I can never sell stuffs. But maybe it's ok..... I'd be more
happy with a programmer mindset instead of business men or sales,
or any other which is similar. If that's the price to keep a programmer's

I just keep doing what I think is correct, and use the result for my
day job! I guess that's enough for now.


Another part which I really enjoyed is that I chatted with some people
with the topics which I am interested about. This looks nothing special,
but I do think it's special for me, because most of the time, I can't find
interested topics to chat about.

Oh well, please, I am enough with Rails... I like the old GUI days,
I want to put more attention on JRuby, or Rubinius... Previously,
I am more interested in Rubinius, because its goal is building a
Squeak for Ruby! I admire Alan Kay and Smalltalk, but had never
really tried it. If we would ever have Squeak or PyPy for Ruby...

I strongly feel JRuby community is a lot more friendly. This is huge!
I want to contribute, and I want to have support. For me, that's the
main point of open sourcing.

Also I have spellbook the project which is using Scala and JRuby,
making them communicate with each other. It's quite easy and
smooth! That's really impressive. Again, if I would ever have more
time and energy to put more effort on those...

I am very glad that I don't see much Rails in the second day!
And people do want something else from Ruby.

I also heard someone is using Scala for parser combinator (well,
that's my assumption, but he mentioned about parsing)
Also, Haskell! Yay.


I guess I didn't speak too bad too. It's interesting that I am always
very nervous before giving a talk, while I can feel very natural when
I really stand up and start talking. It's just like... we're just chatting.

Although I said so, but somehow I feel I spoke too fast! I had 7 minutes
left after turning to the last page of the slides. It's good that it's not
too hard to understand what I want to say it seems though. That's
good. Maybe I can just talk more about the detail next time!

But it's also good that I had that 7 minutes to introduce Rib,
which actually I feel more exciting than rest-core right now.

It's also soooo good that people are asking about it, and asking
me for a live demo! And it's mentioned in Andrew's lightning talk
as well.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to chat with Yugui.

Anyway, it's good enough. Nick is even more passionate
than I thought. That's also good, I like it.


Overall, I'll give it 5 stars. :P

Thank you all!

Also, you can read all my slides here:
Again, it's open sourced :P
All works are licensed under CC Attribution 3.0

You can find all slides here:
RubyConf Taiwan 2011: Slides

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