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`git rebase --interactive` to fix merging branch

I want to merge a pull request from github, but some of the commits
and edits are not related at all, and I am not interested merging them
together, so I can't simply click on the merge button.

To fix this, I first checked out to a merging branch:
git co -b merging
Then I pulled the request as usual:
git pull git://github.com/bruchu/rest-graph.git
We can start rebasing to fix it:
git rebase -i master
It'll open your $EDITOR and showing some nice messages asking
you what would you want to do with those commits.
Then I put an `e' in front of the commit which I wanted to edit,
and put an `s' in front of the commit I don't care at all, but it would
be nice if I can preserve the commit message. `s' means I want to
squash this commit into the previous one.

You can also use `edit' and `squash' respectively instead of a single
letter. But I don't know why, my $EDITOR, which is vim, would fill the
same or similar colors for foreground and background for those
words, so that I can't read them. I would be appreciated if anyone
could tell me how to prevent this even when spell checking is turned

Then I entered `:wq' to write and quit vim.
After closing the $EDITOR, git would show a nice message:
Stopped at fee1dead... some commit message
You can amend the commit now, with

        git commit --amend

Once you are satisfied with your changes, run

        git rebase --continue
Now I can start editing the commit. In effect, just discarded some
git co master Gemfile
git co master rest-graph.gemspec
Then follow the instructions:
git commit --amend
git rebase --continue
That's it! Two commits were squashed into one, and unrelated changes
were discarded. Actually, I would like to revert this squashed commit,
too, because I don't like this fix, I'd rather fix it by myself, and
definitely I want to give the author of the pull request some credits.
That's why I go through all this troubles.
git revert HEAD
Now add my fixes, add a test case for it, etc, etc... finally merge back
to master!
git co master
git merge merging
git push
The downside is that, this won't be recorded as a merge on github,
but this might be a limit given how currently git rebase works. I am
not sure though.

Thanks for the patch!

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