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Gave up memprof (and RVM)

from: Lin Jen-Shin (godfat)
date: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 11:05 PM
subject: Gave up memprof (and RVM)

Memprof is a memory profiler for only 64bit Ruby 1.8 family
built with -g (produce debugging symbols).

I finally decided to give up memprof, because It's causing
too much headache for me... and since it's not so critical
for us right now, and maybe it would be fixed by future Ruby
OR Heroku, and I don't know how much time would it need
to identify the real cause at the moment.

I installed Ruby 1.8.7 from RVM because Mac's build-in Ruby
didn't have debugging symbols, and memprof didn't work
on Ruby 1.9.2.

And then RVM is causing too much troubles for me.
It's totally screwed up with my installed gems under ~/.gem
I can't clearly say what happened, because sometimes one
is broken, and sometimes the other. I don't remember how do
I fix them, too. Just case by case...

And Bundler is making this even more complicated because of
".bundle/config" ...... I need to reset so many things!
RVM didn't play well with my setup at all, and I need to use
bash in order to make RVM work, that's another one....

Maybe I should create a Homebrew Formula to install Ruby
1.8.7 instead. (It's fairly easy! only a few lines of code)

Anyway, finally I got fstwo run under RVM, and I realized memprof
was printing too much information for each request, maybe over
10k lines for each request... Yeah, I should be able to filter that out,
but it's been a lot of struggling already. :x Also, I want to see stats
across many requests, instead of for each request. I am not sure
if this is out-of-the-box or I need to program even more for this.
Need to learn how to use Siege too.

Umm... I think all of this should be on low priority, except someone
wants to take over it, I would be glad to help. :p

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