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[ANN] CuBeat alpha release

I'm happy to announce that we have released the second
public alpha version of CuBeat, which can be found on
Google Code downloads page. Currently, we have 4 releases,
Windows 32 bit, Mac OS X 64 bit, and Linux 32/64 bit.

If you're interested about the source, it is hosted
on Github, licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Other information can be found in the distribution.

Feel free to contact the development team via devblog,
or contact me directly by anyway if you have any question,

* * *

我很榮幸在此宣佈,我們釋出了 CuBeat 的第二個公開測試版,
大家可以在 Google Code 的下載頁面上找到。目前我們有四個
版本可以下載,分別是 Windows 32 bit, Mac OS X 64 bit,
和 Linux 32/64 bit.

如果對原始檔(源碼)有興趣的話,目前放在 Github 上,
以 Apache License 2.0 釋出。



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