What have you found for these years?


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awesome!! 不過真的不容易 @@
discussion thread


Legends of Zork
感覺還不錯,但是也未免太吃 cpu 資源了吧...?
用 chrome 跑都覺得好慢,我還是 i5 core 耶?

DISC assessment
DISC Information
This is really, really interesting, i'll talk about this in a separate post,
and some conversation on the day i heard this.

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Johnson Lin said...

D, I, C 大概都有一半或以上的敘述符合我的感覺 @@"
S 則是比較沒有 ....

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) said...

我覺得你也是比較平均比較難定位的 XD
像我就很明顯是 C... XD

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