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homebrew, a macports replacement (1)

I've tried to build my own Formula, it's sooooo simple and easy
that I think even an non-programmer can do that.

> brew create [URL_TO_TARBALL]

edit url, homepage, version, and md5
edit install script (usually ./configure + make install)

That's it!!

> brew install [NAME]

It will install everything under Cellar, and make all symlinks for you!!
Because everything is under /usr/local, everything Just Work™

Here's the Formula installing ucl and upx:
Formula: add ucl and upx (which depends on ucl)

I only spent a few minutes writing this, and didn't encounter
any problem, and didn't look at any document.
Everything Just Work™

Thanks to git, it's soooo easy to fork my own and merge in between
any fork. This is not only good for customization and also contribution.
git is great, ruby is great, so homebrew is great.

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