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event-driven I/O

Disagreed with Adam.

I don't think how event-driven I/O would be enough of a
fundamental shift that it requires deep language integration.
But yes, if all I/O you can do is blocking in a language,
then it could never be event-driven. Though I don't think
this is so related to a language design but more a language
implementation issue.

JavaScript looks event-driven is because of the way framework
implemented, not because of JavaScript the language itself.

Erlang is totally another story... it is more related to
the concurrent actor model. You may find something related in
Scala's actor model. Akka is one of them.

Language is language, framework is framework,
architecture is architecture...

You just can't mix blocking and non-blocking I/O together,
because it makes non-blocking I/O meaningless, that's all.

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