What have you found for these years?


發神經 XD

然後發現又有十套上架了 XD


希望哪天有 windows 98 box


失落的封印 (first RPG)
仙劍奇俠傳 (for me it's something like 金庸..)
* Chrono Trigger (really like the world and music)
WarCraft 2 (first RTS)

* 阿貓阿狗 (really like the world too,
and it is well-designed (though too many bugs))

Diablo 1 and Hellfire (first dungeon)

* 精靈幻境 (Spiritual Soul) (1&2)
(love creature/item collection..
and 水靈兔!! never forgot when i first saw it)

Vantage Master (Japan) (same as above and plus
strategy, and something not related to the game)

StarCraft (first custom game, and the way
i learned trigger stuffs, playing with classmates)

* 風色幻想 (fantasy)
* Sacrifice 活祭 (epic story? card game like RTS)

(many years later... in between, there's
Vantage Master Japan)

Guild Wars (first MMORPG, really enjoyed,
card game like, beautiful world)

大神 (i really like the art... and the
interesting and somehow funny story)


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