What have you found for these years?


murmur (33)

Mar 2 歷史之眼令人讚嘆

gmail bug?? "todo" label didn't apply in filter
i have to use another name, i.e. "td"

Mar 6 4:43 pm
the safest browser? should be lynx or its friends...

- 8:24 pm
suckcomic 板上看到不少靠岸心得,講得我都想看了 XDDDDD

文章代碼(AID): #1BaI0SLy (Suckcomic) [ptt.cc]
[動畫] 靠岸:1.2億 gone with the wind

文章代碼(AID): #1BaIb_Fu (Suckcomic) [ptt.cc]
Re: [少年] 這週的獵人

- 9:06 pm
Why DRM Doesn’t Work
it makes people who really purchasing the stuffs feels
inconvenient and makes no difference for who just using
pirated version.

- 10:13 pm
good job!! now perhaps i'll consider github a git gui tool.
Introducing GitHub Compare View

- 10:59 pm
懶得細看 orz
Graphics Tech: Shadow Maps (part 1)


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