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murmur (30)

Feb 21
usb 不足到底該怎麼辦...

Feb 22
Chrono Resurrection Playthrough

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 14:42
cool!! GHC on LLVM!!
GHC's new LLVM codegen

3:10 am
beware of unicorn!

You need to get yourself a logo
that one is sooooo cute, what a pity we can't use it

3:19 am
too tired to write a note about my thoughts on
e-reader/e-publishing. this is a TODO reminder

11:45 am
700 EUR !? how expensive the conference is...
is it including an air plane ticket??
Ruby and Rails Conferences 2010

2:22 pm
firefox tabs were exploded once again. need cleanup...

3:20 pm
Worst Game. Ever

5:51 pm
Best explanation:
The rat is there because python is still learning.

Slashdot Comments | Learning Python, 4th Edition

2010-02-23 18:12
d2000 + macbook 直上聽 Harmonia 意外好聽!
前幾天用 TL51-XR 放 Raka, Navigatoria 等都沒啥感覺,
真奇怪。回去再用 TL51-XR 試一次,或許是所謂 run 不 run 之差?

來訂閱一些講這些的 blog 好了...
有用 google reader 後開始亂訂閱了 =_=b
志方あきこ 3rd Album Harmonia
反正如果來了一堆沒興趣的,mark as read 就好,
大不了退訂也沒啥。真的比 bookmark 好太多了。

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