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Hofstadter's law!!

i should have read this line in the book!!
Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than
you expect, even when you take into account
Hofstadter's Law.

i thought it's only a joke from slashdot XD

by DeadCatX2
I multiply all time estimates by pi,
to account for running around in circles.

by Hognoxious
I always add i, because most of the
assumptions are imaginary.

by tempest69
Shipdate was the feature dropped in Duke
Nukem Forever.. So it ships with all features..

by 2short
Exactly. Ship date is a feature. It will have
lower priority than some features, and higher
priority than some other features.
I've never seen a team that could estimate,
months in advance, when a particular feature
set would ship.
I've been part of great teams that regularly
review progress and have the power to adjust priorities.

看完這段我覺得相簿的 project management 完全失敗?
ok, i know it's no longer a pure english post...

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老林 said...

這幾段都是微言大義啊 XDDDD

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