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Braid (7)

一些 interview 和 review 越看越覺得崇拜作者。
有趣的是,打完 Braid 的當下我並不覺得怎麼樣,

這篇是 David Hellman 提 art 的 design 和 development
The Art of Braid Index

前面提過 Jonathan Blow 的 interview,
裡面提到很多 JB 的想法。
What We All Missed About Braid

官方 blog
在 comments 裡也可以看到很多 Blow 的想法。
例如為什麼不會出續作?還有新作 The Witness
這個規模看起來大得多了,徵求不少 programmer 和 art.

wikipedia 最後的 reference 一堆可以看...
很多都很有趣。如果你覺得 Braid 是個很單純簡單的遊戲,
看看其背後的設計與開發的想法。Blow 獨立製作了三年...

from What We All Missed About Braid
A long time ago, I used to write fiction, short stories mainly. And I reached
a point where I had honed my style so that it wasn't totally atrocious, and I
kind of knew what I was doing when writing, and then the question was just,
"What do I write about now?" And I couldn't really find anything that I felt
was important enough to write about. So I just kind of gave up on writing.

Finally, Braid was the thing where I felt that writing could enter into it.
But the game design also is a different kind of writing. It's a different
kind of idea communication. One of my main interests in writing stories was
in finding truth, like fundamental truths of the universe, or finding
important things.
But the problem is that writing isn't a good venue for
that. Because as I said, you can write anything the fuck you want down on
a piece of paper, and as long as you're clever enough with your language,
and your flow of logic from one sentence to the next – the better you are
at those things, the more you can fool a reader into believing you. Even if
what you're writing down is total bullshit.

But, you cannot do that in a game – or at least it's much harder – because
in a game, you have to create a simulated universe that works according to
some rules. Especially the way Braid is constructed. It has to be intact as
a place that has laws, and consistency.
And because of that, there has to be
a kernel of truth in Braid. I can't write down any old bullshit that I want.
I can't make any puzzle that I want that has any arbitrary answer, because
it won't work in the context of the rest of the game.

也是不錯的 review
Hair-pulling and braid-weaving

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