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Ruby and UAO

~/p/g/ruby master> autoconf
~/p/g/ruby master> ./configure --prefix=~/...
~/p/g/ruby master> make
converter from Big5 to UTF-8
converter from UTF-8 to Big5
converter from Big5-HKSCS to UTF-8
converter from UTF-8 to Big5-HKSCS
converter from Big5-UAO to UTF-8
converter from UTF-8 to Big5-UAO

>> s = "\xA1u\xA6\xE6\xC6\xF7\xA1ILoki\xA1I\xA1v\xA1]rocky \xC7\xE9\xC7\xBF\xC7\xA9\xC6\xE3\xA1^\n"
>> puts s.force_encoding('big5-uao').encode('utf-8')
「行け!Loki!」(rocky ロッキー)
>> s = "\xA5\xCD\xA6\xBA\xA5h\x83S\xA1B\xB4\xD7\xC0Y\xB3\xC8\xC0w\xA1B\xA4@\xBDu\x8A\xCA\xAE\xC9\xA1B\xB8\xA8\xB8\xA8\xBDU\xBDU\n"
>> puts s.force_encoding('big5-uao').encode('utf-8')

More encoding (Big5 series) support?
Added by Lin Jen-Shin 123 days ago.
Updated about 6 hours ago.

big5-uao 和 big5-hkscs 都能用了。
~/p/g/r/install *master> bin/ruby -v
ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-11-17 trunk 25823) [x86_64-darwin10.2.0]

有機會看要怎麼樣藉此讓 ssh 直接連 ptt.

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