What have you found for these years?


refreshing myself

i mean it!
it's been quite a long time since...
i can't tell if there's a clear line,
but what i'm sure about is it's too
depressed to do anything meaningful in
[[write your favorite time period]].

i was glad to hear the words at this afternoon,
and start thinking of this, to refresh myself.
i don't know what's the problem before, and
perhaps all i need was just to take a breath.

nonetheless, i feel kinda better right now,
though i can't tell if this could continue to
tomorrow, or tomorrow of tomorrow, or even
tomorrow of tomorrow of tomorrow, or even even
tomorrow of tomorrow of tomorrow of tomorrow of...

no one can really say that, or deserved to eat
back all words later. it doesn't really matter,
since it's always walking that way, and you can't
change that no matter how do you think about it.
kinda sick but common, haha, in your words.
(okok, i know they're two different things...)


well, where was i...
anyway, to put things clear, listing would be fine.

1. festival-of-light, in ramaze.
2. roodo-rc, documentation comes first.
3. don't bother with bugs...... concentrate please.
it's simple, but hard.

4. try to understand liftIO and friends.
5. decide what to do next.

this should be the latest roadmap for me.
all of these must be done before the end of this year,
including 6, 7, 8, etc., which ain't listed yet.

kinda pain and sad, but this can't be continued.
things change, and most of time we can't help
about that. we can only change ourselves.

it's once a great time, i do really think about it.
but present reminds me the club in my high school,
it's a kind of disaster in my point of view.

i don't know what should i say.
(though many words already there above...)
just tell me what should i say/do, if possible.
i don't want to hurt anyone, including myself,
because it is enough... too long, too slow,
and too sad...

having nothing, works are all my life,
that's what i recently found,
to respond to the subtitle of this blog.

"What have you found for these years?"

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