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看到白痴的事件... XD

Encounter 6: Forest
Twisted tangled roots blocked Eladrin Paladin's way.
Tangled among them was a Dragondaunt Shield.
It was jammed in there real good.
(我正在用的盾被卡住了 XD)

Eladrin Paladin made a Strength check with a difficulty of 14 . . .
and rolled 10
(這個是 d20 + 5 + 2, 所以我只骰到 3...)

After an hour of struggling, Eladrin Paladin knew why the shield
was there -- it was impossible to pull out! Frustrated, she wrote a
note that read "Whoever pulls this shield from these vines shall
be king." and left, chuckling to herself.
(好白痴 XDDDD 不過所以我損失了盾嗎?翻翻物品,還在...)

Eladrin Paladin received 28 XP.

Strength check:
d20: 3
STR Bonus: +5
Buffs: +2
Total: 10
Difficulty: 14

28 XP


糾結纏繞的樹根擋住了 Eladrin Paladin 的路。
纏在樹根之中的是 Dragondaunt Shield.

Eladrin Paladin 做了難度 14 的力量檢定 . . .
計算結果是 10.

經過一個小時的奮鬥, Eladrin Paladin 知道為什麼盾牌會在那了--

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