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munouzin: 有腦當思無腦之苦
joke: 知人,知面,不支薪
chrisfadis: 還好貝卡斯是個假ABC
不然遊戲就變成Game Boy了

【分享】 搜來的差評(真好氣又好笑)

m: Going through the narrative chapters of the DSL book and cleaning them up. Writing is mostly rewriting.

m: .@s I don't call rewriting prose "refactoring" because there's no behavior to preserve.

d: @m Code's behavior changes the state of a machine. Could be argued that prose's behavior changes the state of the reader.

m: @d The other reason I don't like using "refactoring" for prose is that it stretches the meaning of the term into meaninglessness

d: @m NOw that's I'll agree with. Even within coding contexts, refactoring has become a little diffuse

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