What have you found for these years?


The Manga Guide to Databases

這一串討論有很多有趣的句子 XD
總共 228 篇回應,透過我的 filter, 我只看得到 26 篇

by discord5 (798235)
# Manga guide to Recursive Programming: By far the most artistic
book of them all, princess Ruruna decides to draw herself drawing
a picture of herself drawing a picture of herself drawing a picture
of herself drawing a picture of herself drawing a picture of herself
drawing ...

by Kell Bengal (711123)
Manga: is there anything it can't teach?

by Ambiguous Coward (205751)
What, like social skills?

(什麼 Ambiguous Coward XDDDD 這暱稱好棒)

by sabernet (751826)
Spiderman's guide to web design.

by x_IamSpartacus_x (1232932)
How did Manga/Anime become such a nerd thing?

by orclevegam (940336)
check out any of Ghost In The Shell, Guyver,
Gunslinger Girls, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Laing

ACG 的想像力,平均而言高出其他媒體非常多啊 XD
不過我不知道 Serial Experiments Laing 是啥?)

by Rakshasa Taisab (244699)
Yes, how did it ever become such a nerd thing?
It used to be here in Japan that it was for normal people.

(哈哈哈,也許日本人就是 nerd? XD)

by skine (1524819)
Japanophiles are technically considered nerds because of their strong
devotion to a subject area and antisocial stereotype. However, I'm not
sure why the Japanophile subculture and Technophile subculture (what I
would consider /. to overwhelmingly be) became mixed, aside for the
overall classification as nerds.


by ildon (413912)
Anime nerds needed to learn to be tech savvy in order to download the
newest anime/manga as they're released in Japan without having to wait
for them to be imported (and without paying for them, of course).

(i think this could be a possible answer.)

by creimer (824291)
Large eyes, large boobs, and flashing panties
are definitely nerdy for Americans.

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